Our Wine List:
2008 Best of Show Wines at N.B. Savour Food & Wine Show

Prices below include the taxes and bottle deposit. Bottles can be shipped in 12 bottle increments and mixed cases are allowed. Please contact the winery for costs of shipping wine.

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Bay of Fundy Blue:
Dry(0) 13.5% alcohol 750ml $13.99

Wild N.B. blueberries have been vinted into a dry, medium bodied red with a hint of oak that carries great balance and complexity. Perfect with many different dishes such as grilled or roasted meats, and hearty pastas.

Dry(0) 12.5% alcohol 750ml $13.99

Named after the famous Magnetic Hill's optical illusion. It presents itself as a dry medium bodied grape wine but it's secret ingredient, rhubarb, came together to give that crisp and refreshing finish. Food pairings range from fish and shellfish to pork, chicken or other white meats.

Off Dry(1) 11.5% alcohol 500ml $11.99

Our Estate grown strawberries yield a unique fresh berry aroma accompanied by a dry sliky finish. It is a perfect match for salmon, seafood and white meats.

Off Dry(1) 12.5% alcohol 750ml $13.99

It's name portrays all the excitment and mystery around the health benefits of cranberries. The beautiful bouquet and flavour will be perfect match for your festive turkey dinner, chicken or pork.

Evangeline Blanc:
Off Dry(2) 12% alcohol 500ml $11.99

A Canadian tradition! A balanced, rich wine with an off dry finish and is great with white meats and creamy sauced pastas.

Bay of Fundy Blue:
Semi-Sweet(3) 13.5% alcohol 750ml $13.99

This semi-sweet red wine made from wild N.B. blueberries has an intense bouquet and pleasantly fruity. It can be served on its own, or with fruit, nuts and cheese.

Chocolate River Strawberry:
Semi-Sweet(5) 14.5% alcohol 375ml $14.99

Crafted from our delicately handpicked strawberries is this luscious fruit dessert wine full of summer berry flavor. It is the perfect wine to accompany chocolate desserts.

Chocolate River Raspberry:
Sweet(5) 14.5% alcohol 375ml $14.99

Our estate grown raspberries produce a delicious full-bodied dessert style wine which is sweet and exploding with flavour. It compliments many fine desserts especially chocolate.

Chocolate River Blueberry:
Sweet(5) 14.5% alcohol 375ml $14.99

Ripe blueberries harvested from wild blueberry fields of N.B. have been blended to create this unique sweet wine. An excellent accompaniment for chocolate, blueberry cheesecakes, and some rich cheeses..