What's unique about Magnetic Hill Wines?

Did you know...

All wines are fermented, filtered and bottled on site using their own hand-picked fruit and quality New Brunswick fruit? Visit the winery often enough and you will see the whole process. It takes 3-4 months to create each bottle of wine. A small vineyard is planted on site so you can watch it grow.

Fruit wines are as “good for you” as grape wines and contain more vitamins and minerals? Fruit wines are abundant in antioxidants and moderate consumption can help fight heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Each glass of Magnetic Hill wine contains a quarter of a pound of fruit? So you can easily add a daily serving of fruit to your meals with one glass of fruit wine.

Magnetic Hill wines have been enjoyed and travelled to every continent of the world?

Fruit wines have no histamines? If you get all stuffed up drinking a grape wine try a fruit wine!

If you can’t tolerate high-tannin red wines because they give you migraines, you can still enjoy Magnetic Hill Wines. Blueberry and cranberry wine selections are high in nutrients and antioxidants, but low in tannin.

Magnetic Hill Winery also uses minimum amount of sulphites? The wine is recommended to consume young or within a couple of years, so high amounts of sulphites are unnecessary, which will reduce your chance of headaches.

The wines offer you not only a “Taste of New Brunswick”, but also the names reflect local tourist attractions? Bay of Fundy Blue gets its name from the Bay of Fundy, home to the highest tides in the world and is made from wild blueberries. Illusions is named after the famous Magnetic Hill optical illusion. The Chocolate River Dessert wines depict the fruit flowing in on the tidal bore of the Peticodiac River and so named because of their excellent pairing with chocolate. Dark chocolate Chewter cups are available to pour the wine in; a great way to impress your dinner guests.

We sell directly to any licensed facility? So if you are planning a wedding, celebration, or convention, ask for Magnetic Hill Wines!

The wines are made in a home as old as Canada? The Magnetic Hill Winery is proud to apply modern winemaking technology to the traditions of our ancestors, harvesting the local fruits of the land.